The Exhaust Shop

23 Brookes Street, Mitchell A.C.T. 2911

Ph: (02) 6241 4000, Fax: (02) 6262 4559



The Exhaust Shop was opened five years ago by Craig Cartwright to provide exemplary service to customers in and around Canberra who required a one stop shop for their exhaust needs. My team of three at the Exhaust Shop provide a range of services covering exhaust systems and components, brake work and cold air intakes. On staff is a qualified motor mechanic and qualified exhaust professionals capable of making any system a customer requires. We are part of the A1 Exhaust Group which provides customers with an Australia wide service network.

Located at 23 Brookes Street, Mitchell in the Australian Capital Territory our workshop is large with ample parking on site. The shop can cater for five cars at a time and includes three hoists that can be utilised to get your classic up in the air so the team can work their magic on your new exhaust installation.

The Exhaust Shop stocks and can install direct fit systems and we provide a comprehensive range of custom work including manufacturing extractors and exhausts in mild steel or stainless. A lot of our customers like the look and benefits of lower engine compartment heat and longer life that ceramic coating provides so we offer HPC coating as a service to customers. The shop has full welding capabilities and provides sheet metal work as we have in house our own folder and plasma cutter.

The Exhaust Shop stocks over one hundred and eighty different exhaust tips and an expansive range of off the shelf headers including major brands like Pacemaker, Hitech and Hurricane. We are also distributors for Aero Performance Exhaust which is a world leader in performance exhaust airflow technology. The company spent over three years in Research and Design to develop the new Aero Performance Exhaust Muffler technology which dramatically reduces the exhaust back pressure, leading to reduced temperatures whilst increasing horsepower, torque and fuel economy.

We are also distributors for the Kodiak SideWINDER retractable step which makes getting in and out of your four wheel drive a lot easier. The SideWINDER step is a low-profile step that activates automatically when you open your door and lowers the step-in height by eight inches. Close the door and the step automatically retracts out of the way. The step will support a weight of one hundred and sixty kilograms and comes in a silver or black finish with solid-state circuitry and heavy-duty hardware. The step is available for all US made four wheel drives and we adapt them to fit Nissan Patrols, Toyota HiLux and Landcruisers.

We are only too happy to source any product brand a customer wants and we provide fitting while you wait if you are time challenged. We take pride in our customer service and carry a large inventory including bolt on sports systems and parts for custom builds. We have a large variety of mandrel bent pipes, heavy duty clamps and silicon hose if you want to purchase the components and do it yourself.

Some of the more interesting customer cars we have worked on include E Type Jaguars, Datsun Fairlady, XY Fords, Cobra, a lot of HQ GTSs, Mustangs and F trucks. We sponsor a car racing in the HQ series and have fitted exhausts on Future Tourers and customer cars involved in hill climb events.

I currently have a clean, super straight XA two door which was owned by a lady in Canberra and has been a Canberra car all its life. The pristine body has never been restored and it has no rust in any of the usual places associated with these cars.

Our shop is open from 8.00am until 5.30pm Monday to Friday and on Saturdays from 8.30am until 12.00 noon. We look forward to being able to assist you with your exhaust requirements and you can call by the workshop or phone us on (02) 6241 4000.

Craig and the team at the Exhaust Shop

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