Queanbeyan Engine Service

43 Carrington Street, Queanbeyan NSW 2620

Ph: (02) 6297 3260, Fax: (02) 6299 3506

Email: qbnengine@netspeed.com.au

Our business, Queanbeyan Engine Service was started in 1977 and we purchased it eighteen years ago and moved to our current premises. Our aim is to be the business of choice for engine reconditioning for your vehicle. I have been in the industry for forty one years and started as a fitter and machinist in engine reconditioning and have been involved in all aspects of engine work my entire working life.

I have personally been involved as a board member for fifteen years in Regional Group Training which is involved in the apprentice side of Motor Trades. I have also sat on the board for the last eight years of the Automotive Training Board which advises people on the structure of apprenticeships and what they learn at Technical College. I am also currently the treasurer for the Riley Car Club of A.C.T.

At Queanbeyan Engine Service we have five full time staff and one part timer with over sixty years of experience in engine rebuilding. As recognition for the skills, knowledge and expertise of the staff Queanbeyan Engine Service was the winner of the MTA Engine Reconditioning Awards in 2005 for Southern NSW and a finalist in 2004. We are members of the Motor Trade Association (MTA) and the Engine Reconditioning Association (ERA).

All of our equipment has been upgraded in the last three years and onsite we have a large lathe, an AZ boring and milling machine, Serdi 60 head machine, Sunnen conrod machine and line hone, Quickway Hone, BHJ Square Decking equipment and a Robbi mill and other assorted equipment to be able to provide full engine services in house.

The company provides a full range of services for anyone looking for parts or engine work and classic, veteran and vintage engines are our speciality. We can provide a fixed price on inspection and our services include;
Full engine reconditioning
Cylinder heads
Installing engines and heads
Cars, motorbikes, stationary engines, light trucks
We sell and install new engine parts including heads, carburettors and manifolds
Penrite lubricants
Unleaded and gas conversions for cylinder heads

We also like a challenge and provide other services over and above engine work. A good example was a customer who came in with an FJ Holden on a tow truck that he had owned for thirty six years. He had parked the car in his garage a year after he got it and it had seized brakes, flat perished tyres and the motor did not run. We reconditioned the motor, installed a new radiator, converted the electrical system to twelve volts, swapped out the generator for an alternator, redid all the brakes, clutch, gearbox, universal joints, shackle rubbers, front suspension and fitted new tyres. The customer then picked the car and it was passed for registration.

For our trade customers we provide a service to drop back parts and retail customers can drive in and we will pull the motor from their car, recondition it and refit. Customers cars are kept in a secure yard whilst the process is taking place. We have worked on engines from the greater ACT area, rural NSW, Victoria, Newcastle and the South Coast and are happy to help customers from anywhere in Australia.

Queanbeyan Engine Service can provide engine services for street or racing purposes. We have been involved with building engines for drag racing both Pro Street and class brackets, ski racers, historic racing car and Formula V applications. Over the years there have been many unusual engines that we have worked on including a 1929 Alvis, 1927 Morris Minor and a number of Rileys. One of the more unusual projects was for an engineer who had an original V12 Jaguar engine that he wanted to fit heads from a newer 4.0L. This required a lot of specialist work to get it to perform properly and resulted in a V12, Quad cam 48 valve engine.

We appreciate many customers require specialised products and services that we readily provide. If you need any advice or questions answered call Dick or Tom on (02) 6297 3260 or drop by the workshop. We accept Visa, Master Card, EFTPOS, Electronic wire transfer and cash. Our hours of operation are 8.00 5.00 Monday to Friday.

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