23 Spray Avenue, Mordialloc VIC 3195

Ph: (03) 9587 1588, Fax: (03) 9587 6112


Fjordfour commenced trading in 1987 as a dismantler of four cylinder Ford cars focussing on Escort and Cortina models. Apart from the initial twelve months when we traded from a premise down the street we have been at 23 Spray Avenue, Mordialloc for the last nineteen years.

We carry a large inventory of parts including panels, diffs, axles, gearboxes, trim pieces, glass - in fact just about everything you would require to service and maintain your Escort or Cortina. I have a simple philosophy - if a car comes in, it can be fixed.

I have been involved in the industry for forty nine years and served my apprenticeship and as a fitter and machinist. Today we offer a range of services to customers that extends far beyond the four cylinder Fords. The services include;

* Spare parts
* Full mechanical servicing on your vehicle
* Building competition engines
* Gears - we can rebuild and provide gears for just about any gearbox. We have rebuilt and upgraded gearboxes and diffs in Escort and Cortina, Holden, Gemini, Hillman Imp, even a 100E Prefect
* Change ratios in gearboxes and reset diffs
* Hubs, drums and disk brakes
* Cylinder heads
* Suspension

We can look after your car from bumper to bumper and we dont care what the problem is, we can fix it. The only thing we dont get involved in is panel work or painting.

In order to provide a comprehensive range of services I have a large workshop with five spaces, a hoist and a significant investment in heavy machinery to perform all jobs on site. In the workshop there are lathes, mills, internal and external cylindrical grinders, pantograph, a small surface grinder and a gear shaper. If I cant solve it for you, Ill find someone who can.

I am a member of the Philip Island Auto Racing Club (PIARC). With racing there is a logical step everything has to go through and I can assist if you are interested in setting up a car for any form of motorsport. I currently have three Escorts- one that serves a daily driver, a MK 1 1300 GT and an Escort Panel Van that one day I will get back on the road.

Over the years there has been just about every car manufactured come through the doors from classic to modern, Morgans and Lotus, Holdens and Fords. I take the time with a customer to understand what they need, what they may want and what will be the best way to achieve that. No customer ever leaves with a problem.

After all these years I am still developing new approaches to improved performance and enjoy what I am doing and the passion is as strong as ever. So if you require parts for an Escort or Cortina, a mechanical service on any car or are after specialist high end custom machining work for any mechanical component, drop by the workshop or give me a call to discuss your requirements. I am open from 8.30 5.30 Monday to Friday and most Saturdays from 9.00 until 1.00.

Edgar Hains

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