Daves Kustoms Rods and Classics

Pacific Hwy, OURIMBAH, NSW, 2258

Ph: 0451 141 935

Email: dborg540@gmail.com

Daves Kustoms Rods and Classics was started in 2000 by David Borg in Laverton North, Victoria. He has recently moved to the Central Coast, NSW for a change in weather and is continuing building high level cars in a rural atmosphere.

Dave is a car guy and started working on cars in a panel shop when he was thirteen and that passion is as strong as ever. At fifteen he started an apprenticeship as a panel beater and has not only owned many classics over the years but he understands old cars implicitly.

He has built a team of four seasoned professionals to work with him and together they have fifty years of experience to draw on to meet and exceed their customers expectations. The business is located in a massive workshop that can house up to fifteen cars yet still provides the necessary space to allow the team room to work. They will work on anything provided that it is old and interesting and the customer is demanding a high quality job.

Daves Kustoms Rods and Classics provide a large range of services for customers looking to restore, modify or kustomise their ride. The business is a full body, paint and assembly workshop. The team can pull the whole car down, take it back to bare metal, by means of abrasive blasting, perform rust repairs, fabricate anything required, lay down top quality paint work in their own baking oven on-site and fully reassemble the car.

The business also provides left hand to right hand drive conversions and an enormous range of engineering services including engine transplants, differential shortening, wheel tubs and a variety of suspension setups based on customer requirements. They have performed lots of customisation work, roof chops, metal finishing, lead loading and major fabrication work on customers cars. They could even build you a complete body, provided you were prepared to pay for it! They also provide chassis work including cross members, box chassis and channeling.

Another arm to the business is the supply of parts direct from the US which is focused on rubber kits, lenses, clips, body parts, crate engines and the importation of your next dream car. Due to the knowledge and experience in the business they have been called upon to perform pre purchase inspections for customers all over Australia and will provide this service to anyone looking at buying a classic, custom or hotrod nationwide.

You only have to walk into the workshop and look at some of the projects on the shop floor to understand the quality of workmanship and the pride the team puts into every car. All the team members understand old cars and have the necessary skills, experience and equipment to achieve a high standard of finish. They have worked on customer projects that were designed to be driven through to top shelf show cars.

Over the years there have been many classics through the doors and some that stand out for the staff include a 59 Cadillac Coupe de Ville, 67 Fastback Mustang, GTHO Phase III, XA GT, 1938 Cadillac and a 32 Ford hot rod pickup. They have also prepared a number of customers cars for drag racing duties including tub jobs, 4 links and rear end treatments.

Dave owns quite a few kool cars including a 35 Ford Coupe, 1970 Lincoln Continental, 1956 MKII Continental, 1932 Ford Pickup and a 63 Compact Fairlane.

If youre interested in getting in touch with the team at Daves Kustoms Rods and Classics the workshop is open between 8.00 and 5.30 Monday to Friday and sometimes on Saturday, by appointment only. Give us a call on 0451 141 935 or send us an email.

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