Davies, Craig Pty Ltd

77 Taras Avenue, Altona North VIC 3025

Ph: (03) 9369 1234, Fax: (03) 9369 3456

Website: www.daviescraig.com.au

Email: info@daviescraig.com.au

Introducing the Leading Cooling / Performance Technology Company

Davies Craig, has been researching, developing, and manufacturing cooling technology since 1975. The company is best known for its invention of the electric fans over 30 years ago, which are now standard in automobiles.

In more recent years, Davies Craig has expanded its product line to become a specialist in high-tech cooling technology. We manufacture cooling solutions and performance enhancements with a range of electric water pumps and thermatic fans to suit nearly every application.

Davies, Craig has a sterling reputation for quality, reliability, performance, and customer service.

Electric Water Pumps
We specialize in universal fit, electric water pumps that are replace and outperform the obsolete mechanical pumps. Their universal fit in the lower radiator hose makes them particularly valuable to vintage cars which are overheating or need a replacement.

These come in two models, the result of over 6 years of research and improvement. The choice is between the 80 or 110 litre per minute models. By superseding the mechanical pump there is a 2-4% fuel consumption gain, combined with 5-15 additional kilowatts of power to the engine.

Digital Controller
The Brand new, Davies Craig Digital Controller senses the engine temperature and regulates the flow rate of the electric water pump according to the desired engine temperature set by the driver.

Thermatic (Electric) Fans
Davies Craig invented the electric fan over 30 years ago, and is still considered the top of the range. The fans come in eight different sizes from 8 to 16 in diameter. Unlike other brands, all the fan blades are reversible allowing them to be mounted on either side of the radiator or condenser.

Other Products
There is a range of other accessories including;
1.A range of thermal switches to accompany the Thermatic Fans
2.Adapter kits which eliminates the need for drilling or seals when installing sensors into the engine block / hose.
3.Viscous Fan Clutches
4.Hydro Coolers
All these products are visible from the website.

Direct Link: http://www.classiccargurus.com.au/Davies_Craig

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