Stuckey Tyre Service

828 Sydney Road, Brunswick VIC 3056

Ph: (03) 9386 5331, Fax: (03) 9386 9153



Stuckey Tyre Service is Australias leading distributor of specialist tyres, whether for Classic, Vintage or Motorsport application. We supply Dunlop, Goodyear, Avon, Toyo, BF-Goodrich, Hoosier, Yokohama, Michelin, and many more. Our sales office and warehouse are located at 828 Sydney Road Brunswick, Australia. Our product range includes alloy wheels, high performance tyres and competition tyres for all cars.

Servicing the demands of Australias leading motor racing teams has provided us with unrivalled knowledge on the best performance tyre and wheel combination for every application, road or track.

From the most exotic European sports car to the average family sedan, we at Stuckey Tyre Service have a carefully selected range of tyres and alloy wheels to enhance the road performance, safety and appearance of your car.

At Stuckey Tyre Service you can take advantage of the ultimate precision fitting and balancing service where the utmost care is taken with your valuable tyre and wheel purchase. In particular we take great pride in being able to balance a wide variety of specialty wheels including wire wheels for historic applications. The most advanced fitting and balancing equipment is used by skilled technicians whose work is trusted by Australias top race drivers at speeds over 300Kph. When buying performance tyres and wheels why settle for anything less when Stuckey Tyre Service provides the best advice and most capable service so you can obtain maximum benefit and satisfaction from your purchase.

We believe the shortest distance between two points is: who cares? That destinations are over-rated and that if all you care about is getting from here to there, then take the bus. Otherwise buckle up, get out of the slow lane and start having fun!


Stuckey Tyre Service has supplied race tyres for many of my race cars, including Sports Sedans, Touring Cars and Super Touring Cars. I now prepare and race a number of classic cars, for which Stuckeys are again my main supplier. I am happy to acknowledge Stuckeys as a leading supplier of specialist tyres for enthusiasts.
Jim Richards
Racing Driver

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