Automotive Moulding Repairs & Polishing

10 Copeland Street, Kingswood NSW 2747

Ph: (02) 4731 6445


Automotive Moulding Repairs & Polishing is a business that prides itself on quality craftsmanship and old fashioned customer service. It was started by Allan McCoy who ran the business from Riverstone for 25 years. With Alan retiring, the business was purchased in 2012 by Kimm Garland and moved to a new premise in 10 & 11 Copeland Street Kingswood. The original staff, all trained by Alan McCoy, chose to remain with the business and keep the McCoy standard alive and well.

The company provides polishing and a comprehensive repair service for all stainless and aluminium mouldings, headlight rims, grilles, tail light mouldings and hubcaps. Custom moulds and trims can be made up for show cars, existing moulds altered to suit custom desires. They also do some specialised brass and cast aluminium polishing.

The original owner saw a niche in the market for moulding repairs and polishing and under new management the company has carved out a solid reputation for professional results, friendly service and attention to detail.

Automotive Moulding Repair & Polishing has a team all with specialised skills and focussed on different aspects of the business. Very few organisations in Australia offer a moulding repair service with this level of skill as mouldings are traditionally very thin. Repairs to mouldings include alterations, fixing scratches, dents and straightening the mouldings.

The vast majority of work carried out is on mouldings from vehicles built between 1914 and 1990 and the staff will advise customers what they can expect as a finished product.

An exhaustive process is adopted in the workshop to ensure customer satisfaction and expectations are met. All mouldings must be removed from the car and bought in separately. At this point the staff will do an inspection and provide a quote.

Upon acceptance of the quote the mouldings are subject to the following process;
* Each moulding is fully cleaned
* Repaired, repairs filed
* Sanded, all mouldings sanded and finished
* Polished in the polish room
* Quality Control, every mould is inspected and then cleaned again
* Packaged ready for owner pickup

If any moulds fail the Quality Control they go back to the polish room until they are accepted. Most owners choose to pick up their mouldings and there is a courier service for country and interstate customers.

The average turnaround time is six to eight weeks however this depends on the size of the job. Smaller jobs may be turned around faster, on request. Older Cadillacs have over one hundred mouldings and depending on the condition of the mouldings a job of this magnitude may take much longer to restore.

The staff at Automotive Moulding Repairs & Polishing are classic car enthusiasts and well known in the industry. If you need your mouldings restored and want the best job that can be done by skilled artisans give Automotive Moulding Repairs & Polishing a call on (02) 4731 6445.

Hours of Operation
Open Monday Friday 8.00 to 5.00 Most Saturdays from 10.00 to 2.00 Ring First.

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