Caloundra Radiator Services

2a Allen Street, Caloundra QLD 4551

Ph: (07) 5491 2251, Fax: (07) 5491 7257


Hi and welcome to Caloundra Radiator Service & Caloundra CV Joint Remanufacturing!

This business has been here at Caloundra, on the Sunshine Coast for over 30 years. Troys parents established Caloundra Radiator Service at a time when service and quality was expected. With Troy and Judy continuing the family business, we are pleased to say that this good old fashion service and quality of workmanship is still being offered and were happy to help with any job, whether big or small.

We not only are specialists in the cooling system area but also with CV Joints. Being a registered business and having fully qualified staff, all repairs are done on-site. We are capable of aluminium and stainless welding, soft and silver soldering, enabling a variety of repairs, eg. fixing brass pipe (for household use), to repairing fuel tanks, building radiators from the ground up and repairing intercoolers and gensets. We also have facilities for complete cooling system flushes and general servicing and rod-outs. Straightening and testing of radiators, air condensers and CV shafts are possible depending on the state of the item but rest assured, we also carry many replacement parts.

We have fast efficient service and generous stock on hand. We cater for all makes and models; Vintage, Classic, Performance, General, Industrial, Marine, Motorcycles and Custom. Some recent radiators we have rebuilt or repaired have included a 1934 Lagonda, 1926 Dodge, Marine Heat Exchangers, Mustang, Jag, Custom 4x4s, Nissan Patrol (complete alum. radiator), Custom HJ Ute (5L inj. v8) and a GT Falcon, just to name a few of the uncommon ones. Were happy to help you with your project and if youre wondering about the turn around for any out of the ordinary jobs, let us assure you that because of good relations with our suppliers, the wait usually isnt too long.

We can:

* Inspect and Test
* Straighten and Repair
* Supply and Fit replacement parts
* Supply and Fit new assemblies
* Rebuild and Recore
* Repair radiators, air condensers, heaters, oil coolers, intercoolers, heat exchangers, fuel tanks, anything really!!
* Determine and diagnose designs for effective cooling (eg. custom, performance, towing vehicles, industrial)
* Offer 2 or 5 year warranty** on radiators, CV Joints and Shaft Assemblies
* Do a beaut job for an honest price

After 30 years in the field were sure our family business can help you with your project. Feel free to give us a call or email us.

Troy & Judy Brittle

**Conditional warranty applies

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