Top Cog Diff & Gearbox Centre

2A Allen Street, Caloundra QLD 4551

Ph: 07 5438 1955, Fax: 07 5438 1934

If you are looking for a guru to fix your differential or gearbox we can help you. I have been in the industry for twenty six years working exclusively on differentials and gearboxes. I established Top Cog Diff & Gearbox Centre eighteen months ago to service customers on the Sunshine Coast and Australia wide. The business handles everything from the earliest to the latest diffs and boxes and we specialise in classic cars from the earlier era.

I was mentored by an old school gear lapper/cutter who instilled in me the value of make it perfect. I live, eat, sleep, think, breath gears and love what I do. Ive worked on everything from 1920s Buick gearboxes to XB GT diffs and can restore them to concourse condition with all the check dots and appropriate markings for judging. I am always at swap meets and events listening to guys with knowledge to enable me to replicate the OEM look for your gearbox or differential.

I have worked on customer projects involving most forms of motorsport including rallying, drag racing, speedway, circuit racing, group N and NC race cars and was involved with the Dry Lakes Racing Association. I can build for you a diff and gearbox to whatever horsepower specification you require for your street or racing requirements.

I am a distributor for PAR race gear sets - straight cut, synchro or dog. I have access to gear cutters for those high end specialist jobs and can manufacture broken gears and clusters.

My satisfaction is derived from taking a piece of junk and turning it into a product that looks and performs like it did when it was brand new.

I have been affiliated with Penrite Oils for many years and by selling and building quality diffs and gearboxes with only the best parts I have many happy customers across Australia.

As you can see there is not a lot I cant do with classic car gearboxes and diffs so if you have something that needs professional attention give me a call or drop by the workshop so we can discuss your requirements.

We are open 8.00-4.30 Monday to Friday and 8.00-12.00 Saturday.

Duncan Hore

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