Wall-T-Wall Tyres and Batteries

58 OSullivan Beach Road, Lonsdale SA 5160

Ph: 08-83260247, Fax: 08-83266688

Email: myhrvan@hotmail.com

Our business name is built on trust, respect and customer satisfaction. We go out of our way to keep you as a customer happy.

Offering services that most other tyre and automotive businesses dont keeps us ahead of the rest in your happiness. Keeping our prices at an always low price means that you will always get the best prices and best offers in the market.

Being a family run tyre and automotive business means that we put more into the business and customer service than just a few hours a day, and that means more focus on you.

Wheel Alignments

If your car is feeling funny in the steering, feels like it is drifiting off to one side of the road all the time, odd tyre wear, or just had mechanical work done it would be best to get your wheel alignment checked. Due to the road conditions of most Australian roads, it is recomended to get a wheel alignment every 20,000 - 30,000 kms, or at least when your are getting brand new tyres fitted to your car.

Our wheel aligner is fully qualified in all vehicle makes and models, and has over 25 years on job experience with wheel aligning.

Wheel Polishing

Are your old alloy wheels looking tired and missing the shine they once had?
Have you looked at getting them brought back to life through metal polishing? This is another service we provide to our customers.


Here at Wall - T - Wall Tyres & Batteries we like to get behind the community as much as we can. We are currently involved with sponsorship in a large range of different activities and groups. From Car Racers, Drifters, Car Shows and Clubs through to Charities and Disability Foundations. Here is a list of some that we sponsor and support.

Reece Flaherty

Toyota Corolla, Race Car Quality Crash Repairs.

David Hood

Toyota Supra, Drift Car Quality Crash Repairs.

Barry Ferarri
Chev Camaro Drag Car.

Old Skool N New Age Auto Show
2006 - 2007, Bice Oval Christies Beach.

EK - FB Car Club
2005 - 2006.

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