Department of the Interior

411 Princes Hwy, Carlton NSW 2218.

Ph: (02) 9546 7914, Fax: (02) 9546 2469



Car Console Supplies Pty Ltd began trading in 1975. Our product range diversified so in 1990 we began trading under the name Department of the Interior.

Our business is involved in repairing and re-skinning dashboards, door trims, genuine consoles etc. Our expert motor trimmer specialises in restoration and leather work.

We are also specialists in the design and manufacture of:

- floor consoles
- overhead roof consoles
- seat consoles and desks
- dashboard consoles
- door pockets
- cargo storage drawers
- false floors for cargo areas
- fridge slides

For cars, utilities ,vans, trucks and 4wds. Our consoles are custom made for each individual model vehicle. We have thirteen console design categories and templates available to manufacture over eight hundred different consoles. We also sell C.B. radios, UHF radios, map lights, speakers, and all the other accessories that can be fitted into a console.

Re-skinned Volvo P1800 crashpad (pictured bottom left)
Click here for larger pictures and more re-skinning information.

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