Glass Polish

66A Wanda Drive, East Lismore NSW 2480

Ph: 0418 645 658



Glass Polish

Dont Replace it, repair it!

Here at Glass Polish we specialise in repairing all types of glass from all types of scratches.

Restoring your dream car but cant get new glass or want to keep everything original? Then why not restore your existing glass!

We can repair that hard to find, irreplaceable or original glass to as new condition, usually for a fraction of replacement costs.

If you are restoring a vehicle and have the glass removed why not restore the glass before you put everything back on the vehicle.

We can come pick up the glass and return it to you in as good as new condition. Or if the glass is already fitted to the vehicle we can come to you and restore the glass whilst still fitted to the car.

Please dont hesitate to call me if you require more information, or would like a quote.

Joel Brugman
Glass Polish
0418 645658

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