Bullet Cylinder Heads

14-16 Dundee Avenue, Holden Hill SA 5088

Ph: 08 8261 8813, Fax: 08 8261 8813

Website: www.bulletcylinderheads.com.au

Email: info@bulletcylinderheads.com.au

Two businesses with over 20 years experience with racing cylinder heads and engines combined to form Bullet Cylinder Heads in October 2004. The idea was to create an Australian company that could supply world class CNC ported heads to the Australian market. Thereby providing a convenient service to local racing teams to meet the specific needs of racing classes in this country.

Our port library includes over 60 different types of cylinder heads. Our Renishaw digitiser and custom porting software allows us to design and create new port shapes in house so our digital port library is constantly expanding. We also offer a private label service for cylinder heads shops, engine builders and race teams that want to keep their port shapes from getting into the hands of any competitors. Our software and programing capabilities are extensive and we have designed and manufactured many custom components from a simple mounting bracket right up to a complete billet 4 valve cylinder head.

We also have extensive experience in engine assembly and testing. Accordingly we have the capability to provide anything from a basic rebuild of your mild hot rod engine right up to a competition race engine. All our engines are assembled in our purpose built engine clean room, then run-in and tested on our engine dyno before delivery, ensuring quality control. Take delivery, install in your vehicle and enjoy.

Our performance parts supply also has its advantages. Remember not all performance parts are created equal. Through years of experience on the engine dyno and flow bench, we know which parts need to go together to produce the best result. Most sales people behind the counter at your local speed shop do not.

Our services include;

CNC Head Porting
Engine design and assembly
Dyno Tuning
Design and Manufacture of Custom Billet Components
Speed Parts Supply
Cracked Cylinder Head repair without welding

Current suite of Equipment and Software includes;

Dekel Maho 5 axis vertical mill
Renishaw Cyclone 2 Digitiser
Superflow 901 Engine Dyno
Superflow 300e Flow Bench
Camplete Port CAD CAM
Solidworks 3D CAD
Solidcam 5 axis CAM

Direct Link: http://www.classiccargurus.com.au/Bullet_Cylinder_Heads

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