On Track Engineering

3-12 Telford Place, Labrador QLD 4215

Ph: (07) 5529 3255, Fax: (07) 5529 3011

Email: ontrakpb@bigpond.net.au

Welcome to OnTrack Engineering

After initially starting the business in industrial sound proofing over thirty five years ago the business moved with the times and customer requests and for the last fifteen years has been focused on the automotive industry. It all started when I was called on to get involved in building a car for Dick Johnson and afterwards I built Tony Longhursts first V8 EL Falcon for the V8 Supercar Series. The team at OnTrack Engineering went on to build all of Tonys cars as well as a lot of AU Falcons for other racing teams.

The Ford AU project saw us receive a bare motor sport body shell and build up cars to various specifications dependent on the team and their requirements. For the BA and BF Ford models we built body shells from kit sets and made entire body shells for the series. Of the cars we built roughly sixty percent included full racing roll cages and fitted out to rolling chassis stage. This included uprights, suspensions, differential housings and exhausts.

A lot of the development work we did resulted in performance enhancements that translated to increased horsepower and faster track times. A good example of this was an exhaust system we developed that provided greater flow characteristics of the spent exhaust gases. On the dyno and track it proved to be a winner and was fitted to a number of cars in the V8 Supercar Series.

OnTrack Engineering built in excess of sixty Ford V8 Supercars and since mid 2007 Ford Motor Company has done all their racing development in-house. The timing of this change tied in with the new model being released and so we have wound back our involvement although we still manufacture and supply air jacks to a number of the V8 Supercar teams.

The business now focuses on all aspects of fabrication, chassis work, design, manufacture and development of race components, air jacks, exhaust systems, suspension and specialist welding and fabrication. We have been working on a number of projects including a Clubman, engine block repair for the only Chamberlain racing car that races in the historics category, a Cobra replica and an Aston Martin replica for the Sports sedan series.

Due to our background in racing we have been fabricating roll bars for a number of customers and doing specialised racing type fabrication of suspensions and drive train components. We are also involved in a number of projects involving sound proofing dynometer rooms and are nearing completion of the new dyno facility at Fraser Motorcycles in Sydney.

Our workshop on the Gold Coast is large, high and bright and due to our engineering background has some serious equipment to assist our customers projects. We have a massive folder, guillotine, CNC lathe, CNC mill, MIG, TIG and spot welding equipment, wheeling machine, drill mill, manual center lathe, hydraulic presses, bead blaster, mini blackening line, a hoist and a beading roller. The workshop can handle up to six cars at any one time and we have two staff in the workshop and my wife handles all the back office tasks.

I personally raced Clubmans for three years and Formula 2 in Victoria for a number of years. I am currently building a Cobra replica and still have the Formula 2 racing car which I plan to restore in the future.

If you require some fabrication on a classic, race car or a kit car and require something designed and built to the highest professional standards we would be happy to discuss your requirements with you.


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